James Truslow Adams once said the American Dream is 'that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man (and woman), with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.' In modern day Dallas, there is no better example of the American success story than our very own Abi Ferrin.  Over the last ten years, Ferrin confronted personal and financial obstacles that would have doomed most small businesses. Today, Ferrin is within days of launching her clothing line in Nordstrom stores nationwide.  

The fashion line reflects Ferrin’s personal commitment to dress and empower real women. The core message of her designs – Fashion with Freedom and Purpose – reflects her commitment to helping others. The Abi Ferrin brand incorporates elements in her designs, such as her signature hand-carved buttons, made by women rescued out of oppressive and abusive environments. 

Ferrin’s clothing line is remarkably versatile, including five-way dresses and tops made to flatter and empower every woman. "I want women to put on the pieces we design, and feel great about themselves," says Ferrin of her collection.  July 15th will mark the official nationwide launch of the Abi Ferrin line at Nordstrom. With this launch, one of our own will hit the big time. 

Abi Ferrin's designs are inventive, true, but their real value may lie in their extraordinary versatility. Here, taking a moment from a recent fashion shoot with photographer Bode Helm, Abi teaches buyers five different ways to wear her signature dress.

Whether you want your dress to be conservative, boat-neck or off-the shoulder, short and belted or elaborately draped; pull, play and position your dress however you please. The equivalent of owning 5 dresses in one - it's an investment in style. Abi Ferrin's 5-Way Dress will be available nationwide at Nordstrom July 15th. ï»¿

Be sure to visit the Abi Ferrin channel page and check out her blog. You can also start a conversation with Abi on her page. 

Rough Cuts: All In The Family

Published October 18, 2011 by Hilary Kennedy

The pride of Dallas fashion designers, Abi Ferrin, has a pretty special Papa. Her father, Gene Ferrin, was a special guest at the 10th Annual OTF Players’ Wives Awards Banquet Show, titled “Women with Purpose.” Guests rubbed elbows with NFL stars of today and yesterday, while local celebs sashayed down the catwalk in Ferrin’s contemporary designs. With awards, live auctions, and a delicious brunch to be had, this Wyoming settler may have looked a bit different than the...

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A Tomboy's Perspective on the Magical 5-Way Dress

Published June 28, 2011 by Rania Batrice

As recently as a year ago, you wouldn't have caught me dead in a dress, so for me to refer to a one as "magical" is a small miracle in and of itself.

I'm a tomboy, I played basketball from the age of 7 all the way through college, and I've spent the majority of my life in sweatpants, workout clothes, and my basketball uniform. Saying that I feel awkward and out of place in a dress is an understatement, but Abi Ferrin has changed all of that. Her signature 5-way dress is the stuff dreams are made...

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Fashion, Freedom & Ellen

Published March 24, 2011 by Laura S


The Abi Ferrin Brand is flying all the way to Atlanta, and back across the nation to Los Angeles. Nene Leakes, of The Real House Wives of Atlanta, wears a green Abi Ferrin signature 5-Way dress on the Ellen Show. National TV? We like the sound of that.

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