Abi Ferrin Brand Launch Party and Fashion Show

Published February 18, 2011 by Laura S

As long as there is a mandatory need for society to be clothed, there will be a high demand for fashion designers. Fortunately, Dallas has a fabulous designer all it’s own to clothe us in luxury and keep us stylish. If you’re wondering why there has recently been an influx of in-the-know women to Nordstrom at NorthPark Center, it’s primarily because Dallas designer Abi Ferrin has recently received some exciting news: the exclusive department store has picked up her fun, flirty fashions.

Atop the 2nd floor, the Savvy department houses Ferrin’s designs based on Super Bowl team colors, as well as her signature 5-way dresses, hand painted 5-way tops and hand painted pattern dresses, straight out of her South Side on Lamar studio.

Ferrin’s brand launch party was held at Nordstrom earlier this month; her name featured around the room, models and NFL wives alike wearing her fashions. The launch party was one of Ferrin’s many exciting events leading up to her Off The Field Players’ Wives Association fashion show.

Catering was provided by the tantalizing Lisa Garza, complete with mini macarons created by a chef who studied the fine art of food in the foodie capital of the word, Paris. Speaking as a Francophile, I hovered around the food table longer than the average snacker.

NFL wives Janet Dorsett, Becky Nguyen, Romonda Jordan, Sherice Brown, and Michelle Witten attended Ferrin’s event and sported her colorful fashions. The NFL Wives spoke about their love of Ferrin’s work, and excitement for the upcoming fashion show.

The Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Dallas was decorated in pink hues on February 4th, the 49th anniversary for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, beneficiary of the live auction.  Hosted by the forever-beautiful Pat Smith, wife of former Dallas Cowboys player Emmitt Smith, and Amy Vanderoef, the 10th Annual Off The Field Players’ Wives fashion show was a beautiful sight.  

As Ferrin prepped the NFL wives and their families to walk the runway in front of hundreds of guests, Women of Impact Awards were awarded to Jan Rees-Jones, Nancy C. Rogers, Janet Hill, and Marlo Thomas.

Letitia Frye, a female auctioneer, wowed the crowd during the live auction. Side note: The ratio of male to female auctioneers is 100 to 1. And they are not always born with the skill set needed to command an audience with an embouchure that forms at the speed of sound. They go to auctioneer school. In all seriousness no jokes, there are schools for auctioneers.

The children of the NFL families modeled Animal Crackers fashions on the runway, wearing comfortable Uggs, appropriate for the wintery day, crafty scarves, and long dresses.

Rima Fakih, Miss USA, modeled a tan, lace dress that matched perfectly with her gorgeous skin tone, and Kamie Crawford, Miss Teen USA wore a long one-shoulder dress of the same color. Becky Nguyen wore a one-shoulder long sleeve bold pattern dress, and Michelle Witten wore a flowy coral dress, a hue that is already popping up on Fashion Week runways in New York City.

Special guests included, Evander Holyfield, Steve Young, Arizona Cardinals player Kurt Warner, former Dallas Cowboys player Tony Dorsett, and more.

Dallas is proud to be home to Abi Ferrin’s fashions. Make sure to stop by Nordstrom to get your hands on what is sure to soon be the hottest items in town.

Photography by Emili Carmichael